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Our Tutorials / Tutorials - 10 months ago

10 Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

The only constant in the world is “change”. Thus, from time to time we see new trends in technologies, healthcare, education, and everything else. Naturally, art and design are no different. If you are planning to design your logo with Tailor Brands...

Our Tutorials / Tutorials - 10 months ago

Propeller: Bootstrap in Material Design Looks

Bootstrap is popular for a reason. But, if you think there was nothing better, take a look at Propeller. Bootstrap and Material Design Are no Unity Bootstrap has been around since 2011. Developed at Twitter, it made an effort to advance the approac...

Our Tutorials / Tutorials - 10 months ago

UI Jar Collects Useful Dribbble Designs

Dribbble is bigger than what you can oversee. One reason for that is that it contains a lot of crap. UI Jar separates the wheat from the chaff. Dribbble, The Triple-Edged Sword A few months ago, I voiced my opinion on Dribbble very clearly. I calle...