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Our Tutorials / Tutorials - 11 months ago

Presentator: Powerpoint for Webdesigners

When it comes to the presentation of static drafts, a product such as Powerpoint is a valid choice. Presentator realizes this concept as a web app, for free. Powerpoint, Not Only for Nostalgists If you’ve been following our content for a while, you...

Our Tutorials / Tutorials - 11 months ago

UI Jar Collects Useful Dribbble Designs

Dribbble is bigger than what you can oversee. One reason for that is that it contains a lot of crap. UI Jar separates the wheat from the chaff. Dribbble, The Triple-Edged Sword A few months ago, I voiced my opinion on Dribbble very clearly. I calle...

Our Tutorials / Tutorials - 11 months ago

Undraw: Modern and Free SVG Illustrations

Illustrations on websites are turning into a real trend. The recently started project Undraw provides them for free. SVG and PNG and Modern Illustrations for Free The Greek illustrator Katerina Limpitsouni wants to make sure you get free access to...